Lalisse Lamarine Caviar Series

The next generation of CAVIAR anti-ageing technology

LaMarine Caviar range is an example of “a revolutionary solution in the marine skincare industry”.

Combine caviar, peptides and vitamins in a unique high-tech special delivery system designed to release the caviar extract directly where it needed.

The result is Improving the skin ability of retain moisture and allowing it to absorb other active ingredients even better whilst also helping to develop the skin’s natural defense and improve moisture barrier. It also helps to stimulate the skin metabolism, empower body cells and protect them from flabbiness and ageing.

LaMarine Caviar range is beneficial in treating dark circles around the eyes and lightening the skin by providing cohesion, nutrition and fatty acid”Omega 3”.

Marine protein rich caviar, peptides are example of Hi –tech ingredients that is a key trend influencing new product launches in the dynamic anti-ageing skin care market. Hi tech beauty trend concerns sophisticated formulations that capitalise on advances in new anti-ageing actives.

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